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Position City Date Additional Information
1 Transportation manager Chisinau 15/05/2020
2 Specialist for logistics Chisinau 06/07/2020
3 Drivers Chisinau 01/07/2020
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If necessary, we provide movers for loading and unloading operations.

Delivery costs will be calculated as quickly as possible after the application is submitted. Usually the calculation takes no more than 2 hours.

The cost of transportation depends on many factors: size, weight, type of cargo, transportation features, mode of transport, distance, etc. To clarify the cost, contact our specialists.

Make a call or leave a request on our website. Our specialists will promptly contact you and offer the most suitable option for your cargo.

Yes, we give a 100% guarantee and bear full financial responsibility for the safety of the cargo, compliance with all rules and regulations during transportation. Also, at your request, we can insure your cargo.

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